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More details on Cassis B’s film music: www.cassisb.com


Denver Airport: Time Squared--Cassis B’s accordion composition complements her luggage sculpture made of found objects. Both sculpture and music evoke the memory of old Times Square in this modern airport.


DJ Duo Scratch-N-sniff: Two women present beats and sweets by mixing ambient soundscapes and simultaneously baking cookies. This creates a nurturing and inspiring environment.

Galapagos Arts and Performance Space (Williamsburg, NY): DJ Duo Scratch-N-Sniff stretched the boundaries of traditional DJ music by building a boxing ring and inviting Golden Glove championship boxers. Microphones in the boxing gloves picked up the sounds of the match, which were then funneled back into the beats. The same concept took place in Times Square, Manhattan, in a store front window.

42nd Street, Times Square, NYC: Cassis B honored the old Times Square in a storefront window belonging to a theater that since then has been torn down. She hung an accordion around her neck vertically as a dress and sang.

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BIO (English below):

Komponistin Cassis B hat an der Staatl. Musikhochschule Hamburg Musik Theater und auf der New Yorker Juilliard Universität Filmmusik und Orchestrierung studiert.

Über die Zusammenarbeit mit Jim Jarmusch kam Cassis B nach New York. Dort gewann sie als eine der Produzentinnen von ‘Coffee und Cigarettes’ featuring Tom Waits und Iggy Pop 1993 die Goldene Palme von Cannes.

Cassis B hatte u. A. die Idee für den Film und komponierte Musik fuer Katja Esson’s Oscar nominierten Ferry Tales. Im Soundtrack für den Film Die Boxerin mit Katharina Wackernabel engagierte Cassis B den Bassisten Herbie Flowers (Walk on the Wildside, David Bowie), der sie später acht Jahre lang als Lehrerin für seinen Songwriting Workshop engagierte.

Mit ihrer eigenen Band und als Bandmitglied von Michael Gira (Swans, The Angels of Light) tourte Cassis B Europa, Amerika, Indien und Mexiko.

Eine ihrer Klangskulpturen wurde auf dem Denver Airport ausgestellt.

Cassis B lebt als freie Komponistin in Berlin und Brooklyn.

Composer Cassis B has studied music and music theater at the Hamburg State University and film scoring and orchestration at Juilliard University in New York City. She won a scholarship for studying under Paul Dresher at Atlantic Center for the Arts. Furthermore, Rick Baitz chose her for his BMI Film Music Master Class where she wrote for members of the well known New York string quartet Ethel.

Working for director Jim Jarmusch brought Cassis B to New York. She won a Golden Palm at the Cannes International Film Festival for being one of the producers of the Iggy Pop and Tom Waits segment of Coffee and Cigarettes.

Cassis B’s band b-blush featuring the esteemed drummer David Cossin (YoYo Ma/Bang on a Can All-Stars), performed regularly in New York. In 2004, she had the idea for the Oscar-nominated film Ferry Tales and wrote the theme song.

Peter Patzak featured Cassis B in the documentary Denk ich an Deutschland after incorporating five of Cassis B’s songs into his film Zodiac Sign. One of Cassis B’s sound sculptures was installed at the Denver International Airport.

For the feature About A Girl, Cassis B founded an eponymous band with the legendary bass player Herbie Flowers (Walk on the Wild Side/David Bowie) who hired her for eight years to teach songwriting at his Rock Shop (music workshops in England), along with other musicians like Chris Spedding (Roxy Music).

Cassis B’s DJ project scratch ‘N sniff was presented in Bangalore at the conference ‘Doors East’. She has extensively toured Europe, North America and Mexico with her own band, as a member of Michael Gira’s band The Angels of Light and with Matt Keating.

Cassis B   is a composer intrigued by Gesamtkunstwerk, i.e., a total work of art that encompasses music and visuals. She studied music and music theater at the Hamburg State University and orchestration and film scoring at Juilliard in New York City,

The HearArt Festival features Symphonic Triptych 01 featuring three of her orchestral compositions with a total length of twenty six minutes:

Person In The Water (5:47)

(1st movement for the film My Person In The Water by Leighton Pierce)

Water Thief (15:00)

(2nd movement for the film Clepsydra by Phil Solomon)

Concourse on High (5:13)

(3rd movement for the film Mayrah by Paul Clipson)